The Graphic Experience

This is a huge thing that was born more than two years ago. After a few beers, the guys from Nuraghe and Pau Esparó (aka Sillyboxman) decided to create something never seen before, something that would blow your minds and make you shit your pants a little bit... Well, at least we tried... So here we are, after weeks and weeks of suffering, blood, sweat, hangovers and back pain, we bring you Nuraghe: The Graphic Experience!

This project is a collision between the world of comics and music, a bizarre chimera that most probably would kick your ass. Early on this whole thing, we thought that it'd be cool to have a short comic story for each one of the songs featured on the album Ubuntu, so we actually made it. This is a project we are very proud of, and it's unbelievable to see it finally nice and printed!