Nuraghe is a project that has been on Charly's mind since 2009. His stay in Sardinia was key in finding the name and when he moved to Barcelona in September 2012 he began to shape its form. He recorded some of the songs he had been working on for years and started looking for musicians to form a band.

However, it wasn't until 2015 that Nuraghe began to rehearse their first songs. Charly and Rodri begin to study together at the Jam Session school in Barcelona and as a result they start to assemble the songs that Charly had recorded a year earlier in Stereodosis (Barcelona). They try various formations and by December 2016 they finally manage to find the group that would consolidate Nuraghe. Two other classmates, Carlitos and Xavi, join Rodri and Charly and begin to prepare the repertoire with which they would debut on stage in February 2017. In this concert they present their first EP, Give Way, released on January 31st 2017.

In the following months they recorded new songs and released their second EP, Split with Global Discontent, which came out in December 2017.

The year 2018 sees Nuraghe bringing their music to different parts of the spanish territory. It is in June of that year when they meet Charly Chicago (Jarabe de Palo, Ktulu, Bunbury) at the end-of-year concert that the school does in the Luz de Gas venue. From that meeting the idea of recording the band's first LP was born.

With the beginning of 2019, Nuraghe begins to lay out the tunes for the Ubuntu sessions. Then in mid-July they started the recording process with Chicago at the Microfusa studios in Barcelona.

On January 10, 2020, the first Ubuntu single, Trending Topic, is released. The full album comes out on January 24th and the band presents it on February 29th at the Sala Wolf in Barcelona in front of more than 200 people. The rest of the year is spent composing and recording new material due to the pandemic that forces them to cancel their entire schedule. This summer, the comic illustrating the Ubuntu album designed by the great Pau Esparó is expected to see the light.

Nuraghe is:

Born in Toledo. Has studied piano since he was 9. He started playing bass and drums in some local bands in his high school years. Moved to Sardinia in 2010 and then to Barcelona in 2012. Founded Nuraghe and met these cool people he uses to play with. He likes pizza, beer, cats and Johann Strauss.
Born in Barbastro. He studied violin and piano when he was a child. He started playing guitar at 12 and founded El Pito del Sereno to meet girls. Moved to Barcelona in 2015. He met these guys there and joined Nuraghe. He likes beer, whiskey, tequila, pacharan, emus and skate.
Born in Mallorca. He's a tall guy. He started playing guitar at 15. Moved to Barcelona in 2013 and has been in several bands playing metal, funk, jazz, pop, punk, reggae and flamenco. He doesn't like to play flamenco. He doesn't like to talk. He doesn't like kids. He likes eating and Star Wars.
Born in Barcelona. Has studied music since he was a child, and started playing bass at 14. Didn't had to move to Barcelona cause he already lived in Barcelona. Has been in several bands playing rock, blues, funk, soul, disco, rumba and jazz. He likes Banana split, banana spritz and banana speed.